By Arnold Stovell

Exciting Momentum for Fulop's Gubernatorial Campaign Grows 

In an unusual display of public support, Mayor Fulop's gubernatorial campaign has set new records, raising over $13 million during the second quarter. The overwhelming response from donors and supporters across New Jersey has been well-documented by the state's press corps, and the numbers are truly impressive. 

The campaign's official account, "Fulop for Governor," proudly boasts $2.2 million in contributions. But the impact goes even further, reaching an impressive $6.3 million when considering the state matching funds, making it clear that Mayor Fulop has captured the enthusiasm of the people.
This incredible fundraising success is a testament to Mayor Fulop's strong vision for New Jersey's future and his ability to inspire widespread support. With a detailed 125-page report filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission, the campaign showcased its transparent approach and commitment to accountability. 

The overwhelming majority of these pages, a total of 118, proudly list the names of enthusiastic donors. Among them are prominent figures from the Hudson County Democratic Organization, including Assemblywoman Angela McKnight, Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla, and Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, demonstrating a united front in support of Mayor Fulop's candidacy. 

In addition to stalwarts from the Democratic Organization, the list includes several other esteemed officials who generously contributed, exemplifying the broad-based appeal of Mayor Fulop's platform. The campaign also saw donations from former officials, prominent developers, and local leaders who believe in the positive change Mayor Fulop can bring to the state.

The momentum doesn't stop there, as Mayor Fulop's campaign continues to attract supporters from various sectors, including non-elects and business leaders who share his vision for a prosperous New Jersey.

With a cash on hand balance of $2,148,911.60 as of June 30th, Mayor Fulop's campaign is prudently managing its finances while making strategic investments to reach a wider audience. The campaign spent $51,491.05 on expenditures overall, with key investments in media and internet outreach through Gambit Strategies and Putnam Partners. 

As Mayor Fulop sets his sights on a brighter future for New Jersey, the optimism and enthusiasm surrounding his campaign are undeniable. The tremendous fundraising success and diverse support from various stakeholders showcase the growing momentum behind his bid for governor.
The citizens of New Jersey can look forward to a dynamic and inspiring campaign as Mayor Fulop continues to share his vision for the state's future and work towards building a better, more prosperous New Jersey for all. 

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