Who reads newspapers or news online?

• Newspaper Readers are upscale diners: 64% of all U.S. adults who visited an upscale restaurant in the past 30 days are news readers.
• Newspaper Readers use tax preparation services: 58% of all U.S. adults who used a tax preparation service for last year’s taxes are news media readers.
• Newspaper Readers are car shoppers: 59% of all U.S. adults who plan to purchase a car, truck, or SUV in the next year are news media readers.
• The news media audience is educated and affluent and outpaces the average U.S. adult in both the wealth and education. 

How many people do you reach?

The Urban Times Newsprint circulation is 2000 – 5000 depending upon the time of year. Our readership is about 3x that due to the newspaper being physically passed to other people so they may read. Our unaudited digital services are estimated at 5000 impressions daily.

Can you target my audience?

• The Urban Times News is available in many local storefronts, senior homes, the post office, recreation centers and anchor institutions like the Bethune Center and the Urban League of Hudson County.
• The UTN Facebook and Twitter pages provide additional exposure for general impressions.
• To meet specific advertiser’s needs, a printed insert, targeted by zip code and banners on the UTN site could target a specific audience, or a customized effort could be devised. 

How do I purchase an ad?

Use the UTN website to purchase and schedule your advertising at your own convenience. 

What are the sizes of ads?

See rate chart for sizes, timing, prices, and print specifications.

What day of the week will my ads run?

The UTN newsprint is distributed on 3rd Saturday of each month. The site is updated bi-weekly, Monday and Thursday. 

Work process


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